Welcome to Smart City - Bhopal Discussion and consultation Page. The purpose of this page is to provide a a common forum to discuss and deliberate  most challenging issues related to Smart Cities, namely Smart Governance, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, Smart IT & Communications, Smart Environment and Smart Buildings.  Please feel free to provide your comments / suggestions regarding Smart City and its Implementations. You can read more about smart city here.

Please provide feedback/comments on following Points:

  1. Which is more suitable option for Bhopal 
    • Retro Fitting
    • Redevelopment
    • Greenfield Development
    • Pan City
  2. Which PAN City Services of BMC should pursue for Bhopal Smart City Project
    • Water Supply
    • Transport
    • Street Light
    • Waste Management
  3. What could be best public consultation mode of Smart City.
    • Please write in your views.